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Related Services

We have a well established and good working relationship with SERVICES range of associated Building Professionals who can provide supportive and complimentary services for a range of projects aspart of a Design Team.  These include:

Structural Engineers

For most projects we will require the services of a structural engineer to provide structural designs and calculations to accompany a Building Regulations application.

In most cases this appointment takes place after the planning stage, but in some circumstances preliminary structural advice related to an existing structure or ground conditions may be required to assess the feasibility of the project.

Quantity Surveyors

On larger projects or projects where unconventional contract arrangements are proposed, it may be helpful to obtain specialist cost advice both at the Pre-contract stage to help establish the feasibility of the project or to assist in the preparation of tender documentation, and at the Post-contract stage to agree valuations and the Final Account with the contractor.

Building Services and Environmental Consultants

On projects with more complex and demanding mechanical and electrical requirements, it may be helpful to obtain specialist advice on the details of both the mechanical and electrical services installation and alternative sources of energy provision.  This might include advice on issues relating to reliability, maintenance and ‘cost in use’, as well as specific environmental and energy saving measures.

Party Wall Surveyors

On projects where boundary issues are not straightforward we can as necessary advise on the appointment of an appropriate Party Wall surveyor to represent our clients interests, with whom we have an effective working relationship.

Landscape Designers / Arboriculturalists

On larger projects, the Local Planning Authorities, in granting planning permission, increasingly attach a number of planning conditions related to landscaping. In some cases this will merit the appointment of a specialist landscape designer and/or an Arboriculturalist to advise on planting, tree works and tree protection issues during the construction phase.

Ground Investigations Specialists

The Structural Engineer will invariably require some site specific ground investigation works to be undertaken to justify his approach to foundation design.

Flood Risk Assessment Specialists

Increasingly Local Planning Authorities require Flood Risk Assessments as part of a planning application on sites where flooding is a potential risk.  We can recommend suitable specialists in this area as required.

Daylight, Sunlight, and Rights of Light Assessments

Local Planning Authorities, in assessing a planning application, often require some technical analysis of the proposed development in relation to existing property interests in terms of daylight, sunlight, and Rights of Light.  We can recommend suitable specialists in this area as required.